Some weekends are made for spending time in the garden, some for catching up with old friends and some for letting your hair down and painting the town red. This one was however made for Alex Kidd, specifically the one from miracle world.

You know that wee fella that loves chomping down on a hamburger and playing rock, paper, scissors. No? Has a little moterbike that goes inexplicable fast and a helicopter thingy that only stays aloft if he pedals like nobodys bussiness. Not ringing any bells?

Then this little anecdote is not for you, begone.

For a while Mr A.Kidd had tempted me with a download, available from the X-Box dashboard of course, I had however resisted as he came with Super Hang On and Shanobi. Nothing wrong with these games I just didn’t feel like shelling out extra cash when all I wanted was a little bit of brick smashing, moneybag grabbing, ghost avoiding action.

I caved.

First things first: This game is rock hard, after a few attempts it all came back but still I stuggle. One hit kills, no rings, no mushrooms, no suit of armour al la Gouls n Ghosts. Just death and the soul dons angle wings and floats on upwards, not for the faint of heart then.

In between the bouts of nostalgia I’m enjoying this wee gem to smithereens. Jumping over lobsters like it was yesterday, punching a bull in the face because it seems like the right thing to do and attempting to rescue my brother from the forces of darkness.

That’s right, this game actually has a plot! I missed that the first time around… However just to shake things up it doesn’t bother telling you until after a few levels, I’m unsure why but rest assured there must be a good reason. I’m to busy avoiding sinister looking fish, that are twice the size of my character and trying to work out how the star of the show can hold his breath underwater for as long as he chooses.

Then you have the boss battles, a deadly schoolyard game that if you are not careful will make you lose your head… The enemies are fish, lobsters, giant birds and um little bouncy things with arms that can’t be explained, this game makes no sense.
alex-kidd-in-miracle-world-m-systeme-005From Japan you say, gotcha makes perfect sense now!

It is not all side to side, the very first level has you progressing downward and if that was not enough you are dunked in the drink to bob about to the end of the stage. This game was ahead of its time, an eight bit wonder that deserves it place alongside the greats. Step aside Sonic the Hedgehog Sega’s rightful heir as returned to take the throne as the mascot to right some wrongs.

Dreamcast mark 2, Alex the Kidd in the Lost System. I’d buy it, hell I’d join the line right now!!


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