Th first Avengers was, to quote common parlance, amazeballs. So the second edition has a lot to live up to, no more chitchat have a gander at this!

The basic premise is that Tony Stark as created som A.I to help protect the world, said A.I has turned into a megalomaniac and must be stopped. It all so has a near endless suply of drones to fling at the heroes, details are sketchy as to why and how…

What else does this trailer tell us? Well for one thig thing the roles of Black Widow and Hawkeye seem to have been increased, though all the duos scenes could allready be on show.This could be to negative effect as Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, as seen at the end of The Winter Soilder, have joined the fray. As another studio owns the rights to Magneto the siblings perentage could well be avoided. The more astute of you will notice that the speed merchant is played by a differnet actor from the one featured in Days of Future Past.

Aside from the main foe of Ultron we can look forward to the head of Hydra, Baron Wolfgang Von Stucker, making an apperance. And in all likelyhood Thanos will make some sort of cameo, after all Marvel love a post credit sneak peak or two.

The acton kicks off on May the 1st.



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