Today the internet is awash with rumours of the possibility of a live action Zelda show. The Wall Street Journal has reported that Netflix are attempting to bring Link’s battles against the fiendish Ganondorf to a television near you.

Unfortunately there is very little of substance to these claims, as all we have to go on is a quote from an unnamed source, never a god sign, describing the would be fantasy epic as “Game of Thrones for a family audience” No producers, no writers, no directors, no nothing.

One possible storyline would to be to base upon the the award-winning Ocarina of Time.  Its colorful and cartoon-like outer shell is disparate from the adult theme of loss and the undercurrent of emotion it hides.

Apparently a Netflix spokeswoman declined to comment and a Nintendo spokesman said “the company doesn’t comment on rumors and speculation.” So that clears that up then…

So there you have it, one big pile of speculation and conjecture. With the next installment of the franchise due out on the Wii U latter this year the two could run hand in hand, only time will tell.

However the last attempt to transport the world of Hyrule to a different medium did not exactly meet with widespread acclaim.

At least the got the important aspects right, jar smashing present and correct!


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