With the release of Jupiter Ascending it is a perfect time to look at some of the many deaths of Sean Bean. After all, odds are good that the Sheffield born actor wont make it to the end of the Wachowski’s latest.


1: Patriot Games. A speedboat crashes through the surf, the night envelops peoceedings as the rain pelts down and oh yes the boat is on fire. Harrison Ford lands a punch, a left then a right KAPOW! The camera keeps focusing on some sorta maritime sharp pointy thing(technical term). After a bit more fisticuffs Ford lands a sucker puch and Bean ends up impaled on said pointy thing. Oh yes then the boat explodes.

Death rating: 6/10 Unoriginal but well shot, bonus points for use of Harrison Ford.

2: The Field. A crazy old fella causes a stampede of cows, they drive the unlucky man off a cliff. The bovines follow him over as do a few passing sheep.
Death rating. 10/10 For sheer randomness, the whole score.

3:Goldeneye. This man can do anything, if fighting Han Solo wasn’t enough here he is having a go at James Bond!! After a prolonged bout of violence Bean ends up hanging from the edge of a satellite, luckily his old pal Pierce Brosnan has hold of his foot… Oh dear he has dropped him. It’s okay though because Sean Bean is tough as old boots and has somehow survived the drop of a couple of hundred feet… Ah the satellite just exploded then fell on him.

Death rating. 7/10 The scrimmage before the actual fall boosts the points here.

4: Equilibrium. In a fascist future where feelings are outlawed, Bean and Christian Bale police the despotic rule. Bean however comes over all touchy feely and starts to dream, his partner is not happy about this. Chanced upon reading W.B Yeats the ‘ard man gets to intone the emotive line “Tread softly because you tread on my dreams” He is promptly shot in the face.

Death rating: 8/10. A moving demise, elegantly handled.

5: Lord of the Rings. As every Hobbit knows, fighting is for big people. So who better to team up with than with Boromir and get him to valiantly slay your foes for you. Only one problem, Boromir is played by Sean Bean. Oh dear! To make amends for accosting Frodo he rushes to the defence of Merry and Pippin, unfortunately there is an inexhaustible amount of orcs and they employ the dastardly tactic of using bows and arrows. One pin cushioned Gondorian later and we have a very heartfelt moment where Aragorn comforts Denethor’s son in his final hour.
Death rating 10/10. Not a dry eye in the house.

Not all of them, not by a long shot. So pick your favourite and comment below.


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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