Time to grow the brand, spread the word and try to garner some attention from different corners of the Internet. The plan? Sign up to Instgram, link back to my blog and take lots of photos. After all I have a fondness for wandering aimlessly about the wilderness and taking photos as I go. Considering everyone and their families are on this newfangled social networking site the idea was sound.


A little bit perturbed I tried again, same result. Hmm time to put my thinking cap on.

Nope I got nothing, time to do a Google search and see what I can turn up. Apparently you can only create a new account via a smart phone. This seems needlessly controversial, what do the creators of this media sharing websit have against us non mobile phone owning types? I have a PC, I have a camera, I also have a landline. Is this not enough? Why single out the technology deprived? If I sellotaped my house phone and camera together would I be allowed access?

Probably not.

I must be missing something, some loophole, some previously unseen button to click.

I wasn’t.

I’m not happy, pretty damn incensed. I want you to know this, I was looking forward to becoming a fully fledged Instagramer. Now I’m just in a huff, a bit of a sulk. With rage fueling my energy I look for an alternative, step forward Pinterest.

You an now find me there https://uk.pinterest.com/aharddayswork/ and while you are looking you can find me on Twitter @DolefulDoug

All that self-righteous annoyance just for a bit of self publication…


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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