I had a plan for tonight, a good plan, a stupendous plan a mind-blowing one even. It was simple start work on a new screenplay. A western!! Bring back the good ‘ol days of Cowboys Vs Injuns, six shooters, saloon doors and incredibly sterotypical views on the noble savage, sorry Native Americans.

I had my note pad before me, a fresh page awaiting my thoughts and ideas. The first scene has been floating about my head for quite some time now and I was eager to spill out my image of the Wild West on to papyrus.

Yes I write on papyrus, what of it. I also have a quill but I don’t like to brag.

However disaster struck. I had a Mars Bar, not usually doom impending material but this time something unexpected happened.  I went, for wont of a better word, a bit hyper.
images (2)
Suddenly sitting still was not an option, the blood was coursing through my vains. Everything had to be done at once; the room needed hoovered, the dishes needed done, the DVDs required an urgent alphabetisation, some star jumps sprung to the top of my to do list.

Writing was not in the top five, not even in the top ten. I channeled my new found energy into action, hard work. Then it happened, I crashed. Flat out, the rush was gone. With my motivation drained my exuberance fading I decided to take to my beloved WordPress and share the news. It was that or drooling quietly in the corner, hell I’m a pro I can do both.

It has however given me an idea, a book chronicling my ups and downs in life. Well the downs, I’ve had a fair few crashes as the narcotics wore off. Some bad, some horrendous and some strangely amicable. So to prevent other suffering the same fate I have taken upon the task of scribing a self help book because lets face it coming down is the hardest thing.

And yes you can find me on Twitter @DolefulDoug


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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