The original Fable was going to revolutionise gaming because of its morality system, the posibility of choice and the cross between RPG and action, it didn’t. Fable two was going to change the face of computer entertainment because er it had a dog… Fable three beause um it was the third in the franchise. With each iteration Peter Molyneux and then his team made outlandish promises and with each update they failed to deliver.

This year however the winds of change are blowing as the pledge coming from Lionhead is of cross platform gaming. To the uninitiated that means that PC owners can play against X-Box One owners via the magic of the internet and Microsoft’s box of tricks. If this is the case it would be some achievement as many readers will be able to recall when more than two players at once was a laughable suggestion.

Both the PC and X-Box One edition are due for release simultaneous later this year.


2 thoughts on “Fable Legends.

  1. Regardless of the broken promises in regards to delivery, I still enjoyed all the games a lot. People forget that what it actually delivered should be recognised. A great trilogy living in the shadow of its shortfallings

    • I know what you mean about it deserving to be recognised, after all it was one of the first games to introduce a morality system.

      Indeed the first on was ace, loved it. The second one was pretty much the same but with some little tweaks here and there. The third felt stilted and formulaic.

      That been said I will definitely be buying the third!!

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