And not really any the wiser. About a year ago I started this little adventure in blogging, my object was to promote my comedy stoner screenplay and somehow break into entertainment journalism. Neither seems to have taken off, my attempts at film and game reviews have been meet with little or no regard, the titbits of information and gossip that I dole out are hardly exclusive. Yet still I soldier on, slogging onwards to a goal that seems always out of reach.

What to do? What to do?

Nothing to do but persevere, nothing to do but pull up my proverbial socks and march onwards. Or you know, just complain bitterly and see what happens. Lets go with that one..

Its been a topsy turvy twelve months. A year in which has seen me go stark raving Tonto, finish the much talked about screenplay and recall my love for taking photos of the great outdoors. Yes the screenplay has a title but due to my dalliances with Mary Jane I have serious reservations about sharing it with the whole world. I am now somewhat of a recluse, using the method of online communication for human contact.

I have grown a bigy bushy beard, my hair has begun to cascade down the nape of my neck yet something is still missing. I feel incomplete, a certain something has vacated the premises, my dreams once so vivid and keen have begun to dull and stagnate. I think perhaps a year without a job, after all blogging has not earned me a penny, is too long. Perhaps it is time for me to ease myself back into polite society, perhaps it is time to join the rat race again, the 9-5.

The year out has taught me a few things, I like to think that perhaps I have grown up and learned my lessons but perhaps this is just wishful thinking.

Now it is your turn, what has the last year taught you? Have you been blogging long? What started you on this course? And most pertinently, how the bleep bleep do you sell a screenplay???? I’m sitting on a goldmine here people!!


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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