The opening flurry of bee related puns is an indication of the standard that this Jerry Seinfeld vehicle is going to bee subpar. The standard plot of not going with the flow and being who you want to bee is trotted out again only this time it is given a fresh lick of paint. The sting in the tail here is the unlikely pairing of a bee and a human. Of course both protagonists are kindred spirits and therefore wackiness ensues.

Along with the Brooklyn born comic, a whole host of stars lend their vocal talent to the proceedings; Reene Zellweger, Matthew Broderik, Chris Rock, John Goodman, Sting and of course Patrick Warburton, none other than paraplegic Joe Swanson. Warburton might not be a household name but his voice will be instantly recognisable to the legion of Family Guy devotees.

The jokes are sandwiched between clichéd plot points and dreary exposition as the overly familiar premise of trying to break the mold and shoot for the stars is trotted out and lathered heavily at the audiences feet.  Stars are lampooned in a derisory fashion, the most amusing is a satirical side swipe at Larry King. The comradeship between Barry and Vanesse blossoms beautiful from the initial trepidation of interspecies romance to comrades in arms. Glances are shared and banter traded as the pair busy themselves with saving the day, however even the charismatic turn from the two leads can’t save this family fair from mediocrity.

Children will love the bright and bold colours of the insect world. Everything here is snazzy and shinny but the animation is all you would expect and nothing more, the bar has been set high by Pixar and the claymation wonders of Aardman. And once again Dreamworks are left trailing in their wake.

Verdict:  A few clever jokes aside, the skit on Larry King is a particular highlight, fail to raise this above the cluster of other animated family films. One for the kids and bored adults only.


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