popcorntime-484        2014 has had some pretty spectacular films, it has also had some absolute howlers; Mrs Browns Boys, Postman Pat and Blended all spring to mind for the title of The Biggest Waste of Two Hours Ever. However let’s not focus on the bad and instead reminisce over some of cinemas finest and incidentally if anyone suggests watching any of the previous three movies you have my permission to slap them in the face.

1: The Lego MovieThe-Lego-Movie

Lets get this out the way first, everything is awesome. Or rather was, perhaps it still is if you own this brilliant comedy adventure on DVD. Full of doubters and naysayers “how does Lego get to have an adventure” “just for kids” and so forth, these where quashed when the sheer joy of stupidity and the feeling of childlike glee was unleashed on the general public. If you dislike this movie you have no soul, simple as that.

Best bit: SPACESHIP!!!!

2: Edge of TomorrowEdge-Of-Tomorrow-2014

Call it what you will, All You Need Is Kill is top notch entertainment. Tom Cruise can do blockbusters in his sleep. He can also do cheesy grins, dramatic running and charismatic turns with his eyes closed, so you know this adaptation of Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s novel is in safe hands. Think Groundhog Day with explosions and you might be somewhere in the ballpark. A rip roaring ride that’s only downside is it somewhat formulaic ending.

Best bit: Would it be incredibly sexist to say Emily Blunt?

3: 22 Jump Street22-Jump-Street-5

21 Jump Street was a hard act to follow; genuine chemistry between the two leads, a couple of quite ridiculous cameos and a very funny drug based hallucination. How to top it? By sticking to the Hollywood formula of bigger and better only this time the added bonus of a tight script. Jonah Hill is in fine form but would be nothing without Channing Tatum to bounce off however it is Ice Cube’s irate Captain Dickson that steals the show.

Best bit: The after credits look to the future.

4: The Wolf of Wall Streetff2cf10116dc7461ebbbf49a0235a7ab

Released in the U.K on the 17th of January so you American types can’t complain that this makes the list, okay? Directed by Martin Scorsese, staring; Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew McConaughey, Johan Hill, Rob Reiner, Joanna Lumley and Jon Favreau this was always going to be a hit. Unrelenting drug use, dark humour throughout, the main protagonist is a complete A-Hole yet at the end you have a genuine sense of affinity with him and therein, despite all the stars, lies the films real ace in the hole.

Best bit: McConaughey’s take on work.

5:Guardians of the Galaxy.Guardians-of-the-Galaxy-Trailer-Groot-Rocket-Prison

A team of unlikely heroes team up to save the universe. Seen it all before? Not like this you haven’t , a psychotic racoon and a talking tree steal the show in this rambunctious rollercoaster of a caper. Oh and Chris Pratt sealed his tag as “Mr Soon To Be Huge”. Throw in the best soundtrack since soundtracks began and you have one of the most enjoyable, hi-octane, toe tapping films this year.

Best bit: Dancing Groot.

Okay so not exactly surprising choices but I’m only commenting on what I’ve seen with my own two peepers. So no; Frank, Gone Girl, The Two Faces of January or Dallas Buyers Club. I’m only one man here! Enjoy Hogmanay and there is only one song to end the year on:


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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