Christmas is coming! It’s time to deck the halls, look out that hilarious jumper and work on your cracker pulling skills. More importantly it means that the T.V schedulers have decreed that there must be at least twenty films on at all times.  Which ones to choose, don’t want to waste valuable time on a turkey (sorry) after all. Luckily I am here to save the day.

With that in mind here are five films you really should watch, or at least set to record. There are plenty to choose from, let me know your festive treats in the comment section below.

1: Saving Private Ryan, Tuesday 23rd at 10.00pm on Channel 5.

I never said it would be Christmas films! Surely everyone has seen Steven Spielberg’s epic Second World War drama by now? If not do yourself a treat and tune in but beware even edited for television the Normandy landings make harrowing viewing. Not just your standard men on a mission flick, this 1998 effort has all the trimmings (sorry) with Tom Hanks providing all the emotion necessary to evaluate this above the norm.

2: Skyfall, Wednesday 24th at 8.00pm on ITV

The best 007 in a long time; a villain that gives megalomaniacs a bad name, an updated Q and a secret agent that doesn’t pull any punches. All wrapped up in a lovely James Bond bow(I’ll stop soon) gorgeous ladies, stunning locales, impressive set pieces and some good ‘ol dry British wit.

 3: Scrooged, Thursday 25th at 2.05pm on Channel 4

For those determined to actually watch some festive films over Christmas Bill Murray’s modern take on Charles Dickens classic is a sardonic joy. Well modern in comparison to 1843! As an added bonus it is from the eighties, so check out those suits! A real Christmas cracker…
4: Avengers, Friday 26th at 8.30pm on BBC1

The film to watch this year, jam packed with stars, action and humour. All the heroes get plenty of screen time all in the bold and bright colours of the Marvel universe. The climatic final battle is the icing on the cake, showing just how to handle an explosive finale. The only downside? It sets the bar ridiculously high for the sequel.

5: The Muppets, Monday 29th at 6.20pm on BBC1

2011 sparked a renaissance for Jim Henson’s creation, here the plot is one last gig to save the Muppet Theatre from an evil business man. It doesn’t really matter, it’s just an excuse for Kermit and co to put on a show, share some laughs and tug a few heartstrings. Amy Adams and Jason Segal provide excellent support for their felt friends, however the other stars roped in for brief cameos are not quite as A list as they once would have been.


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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