There will be spoilers; huge, enormous, humongous, gargantuan even!

So for those who have not watched Sons of Anarchy episode twelve of season seven, entitled Red Rose and Series four of The Walking Dead STOP READING NOW!!

Okay, so only the cool kids left then?

Events in Charming have been heating up nicely for quite some time now and in episode twelve they reached their dramatic and somewhat surprising conclusion, incidentally untill recently I was operating under the misconception that the town was called Charmin.

Jax has finally learnt who really killed Tara, cue rage mode.

Gemma knows what is coming so she visits her amnesic father, in a rather touching moment he recalls that she enjoyed the flowers in the garden of her childhood home. However this is not just a throw away line, when the time comes for some emotionally scarring parricide the deed is done against the backdrop of the titular blossom.

All very poetic, all very moving, pretty darn artistic. One of the standout scenes in the shows seven series run, all very… Wait a second, hold one a cotton picking minute. This all seems somewhat familiar:

Look at the flowers Gemma, err I mean Lizzie.

The Grove aired sixteenth of March. Red Rose aired second December.

Enough time  for a slight rewrite to Kurt Sutter’s creation? Enough time to add in the fact that Gemma would spend time amongst the flowers when she was a little girl?

Or perhaps just a big old fashioned coincidence. What do you think? Comment below, none SAMCRO affiliates welcome.


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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