Is Constantine getting renewed for season two? Is the thirteen episodes for series one an unlucky omen? Who knows, the show has stopped production but that only means what it says. As yet it has not been renewed but neither has it been cancelled. According to people that know things it is still in contention for a continuation. Unfortunately my scrying orb is on the blink so I can’t tell you what the future holds, I can however regale you with my thoughts on the first five episodes. Luck you.

Anyone familiar with Supernatural will be slightly tired of the monster of the week premise that we are subjected to. A demonic presence has infiltrated an innocent and John must trawl past possessions to figure out the source, something is killing off people at random and the master of the dark arts must play detective to figure out who, some unexplained sh*t happens and it is up to Constantine to save the day. So far so predictable, however there is an ace up the sleeve of this production in the name of Matt Ryan.

Not all fans of the source material will be happy it was never going to happen. However the Welsh actor has the sardonic replies, the arrogance, the wit and charisma to please a whole host. As an added bonus, and pleasing the hordes of loyal fans, Chas is not played by an excitable young boy…To further ingrain itself with readers of the source material little titbits are thrown out at the audience. John mentions his band Mucus Membrane, Zed’s room is filled with pictures familiar to anyone who has read Hellblazer. Newcastle, a pivotal moment in John’s life, is referenced time and time again. Hell we might even get to see a face off with Nergal. Something’s just fit, in “The Devils Vinyl” a demonic record is affecting everyone that listens to it. How does the con man overcome this? Why by listening to Anarchy in the UK of course! The setting might be America but you can’t have everything.

The show itself is dark and creepy, a pleasing effort. After all this could easily have been toned down to pander to younger audiences. Not so, not overly gory but blood is splattered, insides eviscerated and screams echo along dimly lit corridors. Quite the atmospheric show and this is what elevates it above its competitors but the downfall of villain of the week pulls it back to the grave, all be it kicking and screaming.

The overarching nonsense of a darkness rising is mentioned every so often, as if to remind us that there is indeed an attempt at a storyline.  It might shift into top gear towards the end of the series, it might not but as long as Harold Perrineau keeps popping into existence, seemingly just to piss of Constantine, I’ll keep watching.

So what are your thoughts? Are you board of this attempt at the dark arts already? Another average show clogging up the busy schedule? Or a mystical show that has caught in its spell?


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