As the title so cunningly advertises, there will be spoilers. For those up not up to date on season five I would not recommend reading any further.

The fith series of AMC’s zombie killing smash takes a slight deviation from the established routine of arguing in woods, standing about doing nothing for four episodes and chasing pigs. Things actually happen!! Right from the opening instalment of “No Sanctuary” action is paramount.

Those cannibals f*#ked with the wrong people!!

However I still have a few gripes, a couple of niggles, one or two issues.

1: Gabriel

Or is it Father Gabriel? Anyway the saintly one is just dead weight. Walker chow at best, just becasue he was in the graphic novels does not mean he should be included. I suppose after Carol’s miraculous metamorphoses from helpless moany old bag to one-lady-army we need someone to fill the gap.

2: Daryl’s magic quiver.

Is he ever going to run out? I know we see him collect the odd projectile from his fallen foes but he can’t be harvesting every single one? Surely time is of the essence when faced with numerous undead and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him flee from a few confrontations without reclaiming his arrows, especially galling as he didn’t have a particularly large backstock to begin with.

3: It doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

What exactly is the end goal? I’ve not read the comics, so shhh. Trying to figure it out from what I’ve seen is somewhat futile. The idea of Washington, while cliched, was at least a direction. Now it seems to be back to survival with no end in sight.

It’s not all complaints.

1: Morgan Jones

Fans of Jericho (I can’t be the only one) will be thrilled with the reappearance of Lennie James. The reunion with Rick could spark a power struggle, a manly embrace or more likely; lots of dead walkers!!

2. Beth’s death

I didn’t have anything against the wisp thin blond, not really. The reason I enjoyed her demise is that I didn’t see it coming and it set up a pretty gripping finale. Plus it gets a character out the way, two many cooks spoil the broth and all that! Talking of deaths… TAINTED MEAT!!!!!

So what have been your hilights so far? Are you enjoying this season more than others? Or are you begining to grow weary of all things zombie?

Perhaps like me you feel Rosita is dressed incredibly inappropriately for a zombie apocalypse. She is going to catch a chill, someone get her a scarf.

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2 thoughts on “The Walking Spoilers.

  1. Morgan’s appearance has been a big tease, and a little annoying. Re Beth, I’m not sure she really did “get it,” as she claimed, and what seems wasteful is that unless she spilled to Carol, none of her group got to hear her story.

    • Annoying because you’re just so impatient or are you not a fan of the character? It is a good tease for the half way point though.

      I never thought of that, good point. Perhaps Noah can fill them in on some of her time in the hospital, as long as Carol doesn’t start moaning again I’ll be happy!!

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