Go forth my loyal minions and spread the news. Trumpet down from on high, take down the word and spread throughout the land. Listen to my cry and gather in dimly lit areas to pass on the glad tidings.


That’s right;  finished, done, dusted, complete, one hundred percent concluded. Yes I have a thesaurus. I even have a name and it is a cracker but I’m keeping it under wraps in case someone steals it. It’s just that good!!

What now though? Does anyone actually know? Get an agent perhaps? How does one go about that? Sell it to the highest bidder? Any answers, links, ideas would be appreciated.

I can guarantee that it tells a coherent story and each character has a distinguished personality. Of course the story might not be interesting and while I find each scene funny that is open to debate.

A comedy in the style of American Pie, Wayne’s World, Bill and Ted, Superbad and Harold & Kumar.

Going once, going twice…

I’ll shut up about the screenplay now and go back to posting other less self-indulgent pieces soon.

Only one song to play out on:


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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