This is for my followers, not looking direct traffic this way ergo no tags. So to anyone that is interested:

I’ve been away. Did you notice? Surely the lack of posts must have been a bit of a clue… Anyway I am here tonight to say that I will continue to be away.

More importantly to share with you why this continued hiatus is in operation.


It takes up all of my free brain cells, never one to count myself in the higher echelons of the wise and all-knowing this means that I don’t have any time to muse over the correct way to phrase a review or come up with my grumpy insights into human behaviour.

I’m think I’m nearly at the end but I’ve thought that on three separate occasions, so we will see.

I will come back to posting eventually, however as I’m a man I can only do one thing at a time and the screenplay is the priority.

And getting a job, kinda need a job.

So if you want you can follow me on Twitter @DolefulDoug where I will be getting up to antics like:


Some of this:

And a bunch of me just spewing random nonsense. So kinda like on here but I’m limited to how many characters I can use.

See you at the Oscars.


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