That is pretty much all the information there is. Alex Kurtzmen and Roberto Orci are set to produce and well that’s it.

No word on which of the thirteen books is inline for a movie version but as The Tale of the Body Thief has already been adapted into a screenplay by Christopher Rice it would save everyone a lot of time but as time is of no consideration for the undead how about the second book in the series?

The Vampire Lestat tells the story of how the flamboyant Frenchman was born to darkness and would seem a logical place to begin if Universal are keen to start a new franchise. A franchise that if done properly will be a sumptuous Gothic treat and if done poorly will be full of sparkly teen bothering immortals.

Two further titbits of information:The Tale of the Body Thief has already been transformed into a graphic novel and is worth hunting down and the next book in the series, Prince Lestat, is due out this year.

So which of the novels would you like to see given the Hollywood treatment and rest easy because whichever one it is it can’t be any worse then The Queen of the Damned.



I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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