Again. Not content with the 2002 version on the Nintendo Gamecube, Capcom have decided to delve back into Raccoon City and rerelease their 1996 survival horror hit.

This time around it will be available on multiple consoles with the X-Box One, X-Box 360, Playstation 4 and Playstation 3 flying the flag for undead slaying. To complete the package the PC will be joining in the fun.

Just to make things even more exciting it is going to be download only, feature 16:9 widescreen, numerous control schemes and a scrolling camera. The last one remains a gamble as the fixed camera in the original helped ramp up the tension and is nearly as Iconic as the loading screens.


Word is that it will be a remake of a remake as it is going to be based around the Gamecube version, this included a whole new section to go with its fresh coat of paint. It also introduced players to running zombies that could open doors, so it will be hard to top.

So get your buddy system ready for early 2015 and don’t forget to pack the first aid spray!



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