Are you a casual or a hardcore gamer? Want to know? Well the only way to find out is take Professor Mackenzie’s totally accurate and in no way unscientific quiz.

Yeah a quiz!!

1. What does MMORPG stand for?
A. Easy, Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.
B. Or is it Massively?
C. It means they have no friends.
D. I don’t really want to do this quiz.
E. Shouldn’t there be a full stop after each letter of the acronym?

2. It is dangerous to go alone take…
A. Cat! It’s a cat!!
B. This?
C. A sword.
D. A scarf, it’s cold out.
E. That?

3. Alex Kidd in…
A. Alex Kidd??
B. The best game ever.
C. Miracle World.
D. Shinobi World.
E. Nostalgia based banter.

4. When is the next FIFA game out?
A. Soon?
B. September 26th.
C. September 25th.
D. It doesn’t matter it will be just the same as the last one.
E. I’m from America, what is this FIFA you speak of?

5. Congratulations, you have reached level five. Choose a perk.
A. Skip to the end of this tedious exercise.
B. 10% extra damage.
C. Night vision.
D. How many more questions is there going to be?
E. Mysterious stranger.

6. What is Mario’s job?
A. Saving Princess Peach.
B. A Plumber.
C. A mustachioed superhero.
D. Dinosaur wrangler.
E. He doesn’t have a job, he is whacked out on mushrooms.

7. How do you get Pikachu on to a bus?
A. Well he is a fictional character so the question is somewhat redundant.
B. Why is he getting on a bus?
C. Poke him on.
D. Get it? Pokemon. Poke-him-on.
E. *sigh*

8. To be this good takes ages, to be this good takes…
A. Ages, you just told us.
B. Practice.
C. Carnegie Hall.
D. Sega.
E. Nintendo.

For the answers turn to the bottom of page 32.


2 thoughts on “What kind of gamer are you?

  1. Ok, that was genuinely funny. And for me, the answer to No. 4 can only be D. Seriously, I just stopped bothering after 12 came out. But that’s the problem of almost every ‘Yearly Franchise’ game nowadays… same old, same old.

    • Thanks man 🙂 It is hard to tell if people find my nonsense amusing or not but if only one person does then mission accomplished!

      True dat, I tend to get suckered into the hype and get one every three years or so. I’m a weak and flawed human being!

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