Several post ago I floated some information about the transition of The Last of Us from game to film and advocated Maisie Williams for the role of Ellie. Someone must have been listening because Neil Druckmann unveiled that the Game of Thrones actress has held talks over the role.

Speaking at San Diego Comic-Con the writer of the post apocalyptic adventure revealed that meetings have taken place. “Nothing’s been signed” however and as a director is yet to be attached anything could happen.

While the directors chair remains empty script writing duties are in the safe hands of Druckmann himself. He is keen to do his own work justice and remarked “There’s never been a great video game adaptation for film. We’re going to work our asses off to make this thing great.”

With horror maestro Sam Raimi producing the future looks rosey. Well it looks full of Clickers, molotov cocktails and nail bombs but you know what I mean.

One final word; If Miss Williams doesn’t fit the bill may I suggest Kaitlyn Dever.


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