Game of Thrones has opened up fantasy to whole new audiences. Suddenly geek is cool, the in-thing, the thinking mans crumpet, the choice of many of the fashion conscious. No longer the dominion of the spotty teen and bespectacled nerd.

So studio bigwigs have done the inevitably and cast their eyes about for another source of income, another license to print money.

Step forward The Shannara series by Terry Brooks. First published in 1977 and now spanning over twenty books and numerous trilogies.

Years ago the Warner Bros brought the rights but decided it would be more fun to sit on them than actually make a film. The rights have now expired and MTV has picked them up, confirming that they will adapt the second book, The Elfstones of Shannara.

Originally Jon Favreau was attached to the project but has left “due to schedule conflict” though that could just be a polite way of saying he doesn’t want to do it…  Taking over is  Wrath of the Titans and Battle Los Angeles director Jonathan Liebesman. Hopefully this is a indication of the studios seriousness to do the source material proud because both of those films, while hardly groundbreaking, are impressive to look at.

Writing duties have been handed to Al Gough and Miles Millar, arguably best known for Smallville.

Be warned though, Shannara is nothing like George R.R Martin’s twisty turny tome. Characters are not particularly complex and few surprises are sprung. What it does offer though is excitement, action, adventure and a cheeky bit of romance.

The fact that it is MTV and the writers of Smallville suggest that the show could be aimed at a young audience. So what do you think. Good news? Bad news? Or does the whole idea leave you face painted with Forbidding


18 thoughts on “The Adaptation of Shannara.

  1. I haven’t read this series, though it’s always caught my eye on the shelf. I think I have the first trilogy waiting on my Kindle. MTV’s production company is garbage, that’s the only hesitant note I have.

    Side note: Bit of a spacing error in you second sentence.

    • Well I read it about ten years ago and would recommended it to any teens that like a bit of sc-fi. Not reread it since and as the series lumbered on I got less and less interested so would be hesitant to suggest you read it. Though if you have it on your kindle you might as well!!

      Yeah I don’t think I have seen anything from the studio so can’t comment. I always though MTV was all about music, how times have changed :/

      Ah man I really need to replace my secretary, she writes all this stuff. I just dictate it…

      • I went crazy one day, spending too much money on Kindle books. I’m not sure if they’re all worth reading though.

        If you want to see the quality of MTV scripted shows, look at Teen Wolf, it’s terrible.

        I know what you mean, my secretary’s terrible too.

      • Ach as long as you had enough money to eat I would not call it a waste- knowledge is power and all that.

        Ha I when was snooping about for information that name kept cropping up. The film wasn’t that great so to make a TV show…

        I keep telling her to pay attention but she never listens, always thinking about shoes or something.

      • The money wasn’t a problem, the books were cheap, it’s the time to read them, that’s the problem.

        The film was fine at the time, I could only imagine the series being stupid. Then again, looking at the audience MTV appeals to…

        You should fire her, tell her it’s not working out 🙂

      • Sorry about the delay but my cognitive function was not working properly.

        Ah time, that old chestnut we were talking about awhile back. Like so many grains of sand, time just slips through our fingers. The egg timer of our life cracking under the pressure, or something like that…

        I can’t recall much about it tbh but it is an 80’s movie and does star M.J.F so I’m kinda tempted to rewatch it! I think you’ve hit the nail on the head, we might not like the programme but then it is not aimed at us.

        That is some cracking advice. I just put an add in the local paper, it reads; Secretary wanted, must have big boobs.

      • Is that fancy talk for the brain pain?

        It seems as though everyday I have to come to terms with another task, goal, or some other nonsense that I’ll never achieve. My guitar shall ever collect dust.

        There’s a special moment one of the extras added to the film during the Basketball game scene. You’ll know it when you see it (if you see it).

        That is a terrible ad! There’s nothing making it stand out from the rest!

      • Ha ha, pretty much but my why makes it sound more interesting than it actually is!

        Lifes too short, that’s for sure. I can’t even make it through one day whithout failing at at least one of my daily goals, probably should set more realistic targets.

        You have a guitar? That’s pretty cool, do you play or was it a case of buy it then learn it? My musical talents run to the triangle!!

        I will see it, just not for a while. It is now officially on my to watch plie, infact because it is an 80’s movie it has sneaked in near the top!

        Awe you might have a point, I spent ages coming up with it as well!!

      • You and your £2 words. Bah.

        My ambitions often surpass the hours in the day, especially when the wife starts making demands. I’ll never give up the dream!

        I’ve had a guitar for nigh on 12 years now, it was a present. I’ve picked it up a handful of times for a few months, fumbling through a few songs before something took me away (likely a new girlfriend). We could start a terrible band.

        Honestly, since time is of the essence, don’t waste yours on Teen Wolf, unless you really want to.

        We can workshop this! ‘Secretary wanted, must have big boobs and a pretty face.”

      • Ach stupid woman with there demands, did you take the rubbish out and such. You gotta have a dream otherwise whats the point?

        Well you musical talent far surpasses my own, I could play the opening chords to The X-Files when I was in high school but those glory days are far behind me! I know what you mean about woman being distracting’ twice now I have been attempting to reach marathon distance only for a pretty face to make me loose focus! Do you know anyone that can play the ocarina? We might as well go all out with this band idea!

        But now that we have talked about it I relly want to watch it, can’t be any worse than a lot of movies I’ve seen!

        And glasses after all she has to look intelligent!

      • Mine always wants quality time. It’s never enough! I think Journey wrote a song about dreaming, or maybe it was believing, I don’t know.

        If I could make a monument to everything I want to accomplish but likely won’t, my guitar would be next to my Steam collection… this would be a pretty freaking big monument.

        Pfft, women, and their distractingly pretty faces! Bah I say! Bah!

        I don’t know anyone who can play the Ocarina, should we put out an ad?

        Glasses is a good call. Long hair?

      • Time burglars, thta’s all they are! Err not a massive Journey but i’m going to go with believing, though now that I sing the chorus through in my head dreaming sounds very plausible!!

        Ahh your Steam collection, the much vaunted steam collection! It’s time like these I’m glad i’m not a PC gamer, my list would be never ending if i was!

        And then they act all shy and coy! I’m not falling for it this time, no siree! I think I’ll join you in a round of Bah!!

        Ha we are soon going to need a whole paper to ourselves with these ads. How does; “Ocarina player needed, must not bend the fabric of space/time when they play” sound?

        Can’t have a woman without long hair. I’m going to throw the tattoo card on the table as well.

      • Time burglars! That’s perfect! Let’s go with Journey and do zero research to back up our claims!

        Speaking of the Steam collection, I working on a project involving it. Have to lay some ground work, figure out a few things, but I hope to be launching in about two months.

        We must stand strong together! Or else the eyelash bashing and doe eyes will suck us back in!

        This is going to be quite the ad. Honestly, if he/she is a damn fine Ocarina player, I’m okay with their music bending the fabric of space-time. We could make it our thing.

        The tattoo card? Tattoos okay or nah?

      • Ahh Zero research, my facourite kind of research!

        Project as in getting round to playing them or some sorta written one? Either way I’m intrigued, tell me more!!

        I say I will stand strong but all it takes is one pair of captivating eyes and I forget all my bold cliams. Damn my inner weakness!

        Okay I’l let you have a blatant disregard to the rules of space and time but if they start summoning scarecrows i’m out… Gotta draw the line somewhere.

        Tattoos hell yeah! Chicks with tats are hawt, well in moderation and not over the face. I’m not completely bonkers. Not yet anyway.

      • 90% of my facts are based on zero research. As a corollary, 64% of my statistics are made up.

        A little bit of both actually. I won’t give it away just yet (though, I’m sure you’ll know when I blast it out). I was looking at my collection, seeing all the games I played, wondering if I wasted my money, and I had an idea…

        What makes it worse is how they capitalize on it! Damn their pretty faces!

        Summoning scarecrows, or anything for that matter, is creepy. I can deal with summoning rain though, might come in handy.

        I’m a little split on tattoos. Then again, I’ve seen enough bad ones in odd places to discolor the entire thing. Then again, I’ve seen some good ones.

      • Lol 60% of the time it works every time eh? Kudos on the use of the word corollary as well!

        Awe man you have defo spiked my interest, you will have to let me know when you publish it so I can mosey on over and have a nosy. I’m going to say you never wasted your money, say it aint so!!

        Only if you find a convenient windmill to aid you… I know what I’m talking about and I’m pretty damn confident that you do as well but it amuses me that other people reading this wont, I’m evil like that!!

        Ha that is just like anything really, some are good some not so much. Don’t let one bad apple spoil the whole bunch though.

      • Fact. I try to use one fancy word a day, makes me sound smarter.

        Oh don’t worry, I’ll be blasting it out when I start publishing. Like I said, doing all the background stuff now, laying the ground work.

        Think about it like this, how handy would it be to open doors and such with music rather than a key? The ultimate security system!

        I know what you mean. I’ve seen a few good ones. It all depends on the persons taste (the one who picked it out that is).

      • Ha, I’m always trying to make myself sound smarter than I actually am but I don’t think it is working!

        Cool, cool. Ah the hard work eh? Well keep us updated, it sounds pretty interesting.

        I like your thinking but as I have all the musical ability of a toadstool I would just end up locking myself out of my house. I’ve managed that with the key system that is in place at the moment so lets not confuse me anymore than totally necessary!

        All this talk of tattoos is making me want to start a page called: Sexy girls send me photos of your tats. It might work…

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