But you really do offer some ridiculous advice at at times.
I was looking into ways to increase my views, more views equal more chance of someone offering me a job. Well that’s my reasoning, lets put it this way; it can’t hurt.

Anyway, one of the this sites top tips is(and I quote):

Bug your real-life friends

Encourage friends and family to read your blog: send them reminder emails when you update and talk to them about it when you meet in person. Better still, encourage them to sign up for updates using the Follow Blog Widget.

Er no way man, no frigging way! I actually like my friends! I don’t want to harass them with constant prompts to read what I’m spewing. They know this blog exists, they can read it or not. Me pestering them to read it is only going to make them less likely to!

And talk about it when I meet them?? Are you mad bro?

Oh here comes Doug, he’s going to talk about his blog again.

Call me crazy but I try not to make my mates hate me any more than is actually possible, they already have to put up with my general apathy towards everything, day dreaming, inability to have serious conversations, levels of sarcasm that would make Blackadder blush and incessant bad jokes.

So I’m not about to add: always banging on about his nonsensical blog. Best to air on the side of caution and all that.

Anyway now that I’ve got that off my chest I would like to point out I’ve reached one hundred likes, I’ve not been keeping track I got a notification, and I’m going to take this opportunity and thank everyone of you who has; liked, shared or commented on my posts. I’ve doubted myself many a time over the last few months but every interaction from you guys n gals has firmed my wavering belief that I’m not making a total tit of myself.

thank you


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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