What a weekend of sport, if you have a moment it was an amazing array

Oh not this again

Okay sorry but it was quite exciting, well apart from the football that was mostly dull and the grand prix was pretty boring and I only watched some of the tennis but my point is there was something to watch, something to take my mind of the tedious existence that is my life.

Oh boohoo, cry me a fucking river

What I watched and actually enjoyed was the first episode of Constantine. I’ve been looking forward to this for quite some time and I was not disappointed.

Granted I would not go around recommending it to everyone, not like Boardwalk Empire or Breaking Bad but if you grew up watching Buffy or are partial to the adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester then you should give this a whirl.

One big bonus is that they have nailed John’s character. He might still be getting up to his shenanigans in America but this time he is British and uses words like bloody and calls people chief, squire and mate. He drinks pints and his sardonic nature is to the fore. Matt Ryan still seems a bit young to portray someone so weighed down by the weight of the world but you can’t have everything.

All the the things he gets up to in the graphic novels (comics, ed) and were sorely lacking from the Keanu Reeves big screen outing. Names are dropped and pasts hinted at that make sense to me but someone new to the universe might be left a little bit jaded.

And the monologue at the end should have fans squirming in delight. Even if it is not totally accurate but like I said, you can’t have everything.

So that’s what I did with my weekend, what did you do with yours?


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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