I went to see Transformers: Age of Extinction yesterday because that is just the kinda guy I am. So I’m going to write a review.

It’s awrite.

Seen as this is the forth film in the money grabbing franchise my opinions hardly matter. By now you must have made your own mind up. You either like giant robots kicking the sh*t out of other giant robots or you don’t. There is not really much more to it than that.

Yes Michael Bay delivers amazing set piece after set piece. Yes the explosions fill the whole screen and the film is more an assault to the senses than anything else. But that is the whole point and you either want that or you don’t.

I will say one thing though, It’s not as bad as you have heard  because even if you don’t like total Bayhem you have to, you just HAVE TO, be impressed by the sheer scale of it all and a lot of critics are giving it low scores just to jump on the bandwagon.

It might be a bad movie (it is) but it is an amazing spectacle so lets not make fun of the director lets lambaste Ehren Kruger, after all he wrote it!

I’m not going to buy the DVD, I’m not going to go to the cinema to see it again but if it was on T.V I might watch it. Maybe. If there was nothing else to do.

Anyway whats everyone up to this weekend? I plan on doing some self-publicising for my twitter account @DolefulDoug where you can find plenty of:

dude this

and some of:

and this

but hardly any of:

So come on over an follow me, hell I might even follow you back. You just don’t know.

Oooo the excitement is like camping.

Oh how so Doug?

Well it is in tents…


2 thoughts on “Not a review of Transformers

    • Thanks man, though technically it’s not a review 😛

      I’m with you all the way about the length, if there had not been an explosion every five minutes I would have probably nodded off towards the end!!

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