Or not, I don’t know I’m not psychic. And because I’m feeling nice I’m going to include the trailers, that way you can just watch them and not have to bother reading anything.


It’s definitely not because I can’t figure out how to put pictures in, now that WordPress have updated…

1: Metropolis.
Not the 1927 classic but the 2001 anime of the same name. It tells the age old story of boy meets girl. Boy falls in love. Girl turns out to be a robot. Girl goes insane. you know, that old chestnut. With visual flare and a whole host of delightful touches, a groovy soundtrack and an ending that… mustn’t say. Go watch it for yourself!

2: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.
From the writer that brought you Lethal Weapon, The Last Action Hero and err The Last Boy Scout. From the director that brought you Iron Man 3. They are in fact one and the same, step forward Shane Black.

Incidentally he is attached to the upcoming Predator 4.

Anyway Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a clever action comedy starring Robert Downey jr and Val Kilmer. R.D.J is just himself and while that always a good thing it is Kilmer who steals the show, much as he did in Tombstone.

It jumps through the genres with style and pokes fun at most of them.

3: Memento.

Thanks to Batman everyone is now aware of Christopher Nolan. Before the caped crusader though there was Leonard. A man with major short term memory problems. Starting at the end and working backwards, Memento really has to be seen. I don’t want to say too much in case I spoil it but go an watch it then we can talk.

4: High Fidelity.

Rob loves top fives; songs at his funeral, dream jobs, break ups. Recently dumped, he tries to come to terms with why his relationships always end so badly.  In a quest for understanding he revisits old girlfriends . While he is not moping about he works at a record store where he spends most of his time insulting the customers.

5: Eight Legged Freaks.

A lighthearted horror movie. Look at it as a high quality B movie and you can’t go wrong. Due to some toxic yucky stuff spiders have mutated to gigantic proportions and are causing all sorts of mayhem. Standing in there way are David (remember him) Arquette and a young Scarlett Johansson. Very silly but lots of fun as well.

It’s the best trailer but pointless after 1.44. You have been warned.




2 thoughts on “Five decent films you may have missed.

    • Sorry about the delay but i’ve been out of action for a few days. Anyway…

      Even eight legged freaks?? I’m normally alone on that one!

      I’m not a massive anime fan, most of it is tosh tbh, but Metropolis is up there with Princess Mononoke, Akira and Spirited Away. Not as good but still sharing the higher echelons of Japanese animation. Defo worth a watch.

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