I had just about, just about, got the hang of writing posts on WordPress and it has only gone and changed! I now have the option of advanced settings. Advanced settings!! I’m still struggling with the novice ones and suddenly they are throwing advanced about like it is perfectly acceptable .

On the plus side when it loads up the words beep beep boop appear, so every cloud and all that.

I wasn’t originally going to post the above but the new system has left my blood cold and I needed to vent some of my frustration. I feel better now, thanks.

As you are all gathered here let me tell you the story that I originally logged on to write. I can’t claim it is interesting, funny or indeed worthy of your attention but I was pretty dumbfounded by the experience so might as well share it with someone.

The other day came a knocking upon my chamber door, yeah someone to torment with my sarcasm and inflated opinion of myself . So quick as a flash I answered the door, standing upon the threshold was an old dude with a clipboard.

Not a good start, unfortunately it only got worse.

I’m here to canvass blah, blah, blah election.

Sorry not interested and I started to shut the door.

What do you mean your not interested?

Well I don’t know you, you are not a policeperson, you’re not here to read the gas or electricity, you are not the postman, or lady. In short I don’t care, go away. Is what I should of said, instead I settled for: Errrr.

Do you mean that you are not going to be voting.

Yes! Yes that’s it, go away now.

He didn’t like that, not one bit. He looked at his clipboard, tutted, rearranged his glasses, tutted some more then asked me what number of flat this was.

I don’t know about you but my normal operating procedure is to know what door I’m banging on before I try to attract the attention of the incumbent but I’m a nice chap, I humoured the annoying little upstart and told him it was flat G.

No number, he persisted.

I’m sorry but we don’t have numbers we go be letters and we are G.

Well are you 1-7 or 1-8?

Dunno, like I said letters. You know the alphabet:

He then tried to tell me my name was Fredrick.

Sorry mate, you must have the wrong address.

So you’ve just moved in then?

Err no, been here for ten years. Can I go now?

He then started to snort and snuff, I could see he was building up to something so I chose that moment to shut the door in his face.

I think next time I will override my innate curiosity and not bother getting up from the sofa.



2 thoughts on “We fear change.

  1. I don’t fear change so much as I’m lazy. Many times I have avoided starting a new game because I don’t want to learn a new system. I think this is why sequels are so popular, nothing new to learn.

    • I know, right!! A boring half hour of telling you that the right trigger is the shoot button. No shit, I thought it was going to be the back button!

      I don’t even know why they include manuals these days because all the information is spoon fed to you!

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