The other day I went for a run, blah, blah, blah. This time though I had an ulterior motive. Take some pictures, however the sun was shining and my long legged frame casts quite an ungainly shadow…

What is this? Amateur hour?

So a lot of the photos are now worthless, spoiled, ruined, destroyed even! I was quite upset when I discovered this but I’ll get over it. So without any more nonsense here was my destination:
Middle of nowhere!! I’ve done it! It’s taken me a few months of searching high and low but my exhaustive search is now over because I have finally found somewhere in Dundee that I can sit down, relax and just enjoy the peace and quiet. Only two problems present themselves. 1: It takes about forty five minutes for me to get there and 2: It’s not actually in Dundee:
Oh well, I guess you can’t have everything. It is a pretty awesome place though. Unfortunately there are signs of habitation. A few park benches and picnic tables even a car park, all be it a miniscule one. Not enough to put me off returning but I will have to be circumspect with any repeat appearances.

The walk, or run depending on your constitution, is a rather relaxing experience and offers up plenty of opportunities to just admire the scenery:
The lens flare is on purpose, kind of a homage to J.J, honest…

Upon reaching the pebbly shore there is even an opportunity to watch some bunnies frolic about in the sunshine:
Watch out though, despite their cuddle appearance the rabbits are dynamite…


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