And I won because The Law is a poor excuse for a hill if ever there was one. Take note Dundee; The Law is not a hill, this is a hill:
That’s not a hill, that’s a munro.

Ah I see you’ve played hilly munroey before.

Anyway enough idle chit chat let’s get to the pictures because err let’s just get to the pictures.

So I’ve been meaning to climb the aforementioned mound for quite some time but work kept getting in the way.
Damn you unsociable shift patterns!! Now though I have a lot of free time on my hands, Isn’t that lucky for you? So I set out and on the way happened upon a large grey picture frame in the middle of a park. No I really did:
I don’t know what, if anything, it signifies but nothing grabs my attention like something completely out of place so I decided to make it my first photo of the day.

After my excitement had died down I continued onwards, always on the look out for something to add to the memory banks.

Nothing did, that is until I had reached the part of my journey that required me to leave the urban setting and venture into more picturesque surroundings. Now as previously mentioned this was my first trek out this way and I didn’t know what to expect but as I was apparently climbing a hill I was most definitely not expecting steps:
Honest to God, steps! Up a hill, well I never!! What kind of place has steps up a hill *mumble grumble*

Pretty perturbed I continued with my endeavour, luckily I was reward with another unlikely sight:
Unless I miss my guess completely, that archway looks like it is made from ductile iron and is probably some sort of remembrance towards Dundee’s iron age history. Or something like that…
20140626_151849From my flat to the top of this mound took me about half an hour, from the center of town it wold take less but when I crested the summit there were people in cars!! Kinda defeats the purpose if you ask me but hey-ho. Pretty shocked after the steps and cars fiasco I needed a seat. Luckily plenty are provide, not just that but the view they overlook, wow, just wow. My eight megapixel camera doesn’t do it justice but I tried and here are a few that I’m not ashamed to share with you:
To anyone unfamiliar with the the city of discovery that is Tannadice and Dens Park. Stupidly close together if you ask me. Could you imagine if Ibrox and Celtic Park shared that proximity?!

Anyway apart form the magnificent view there was also this apparatus:
I can not be the only one thinking “if i turn on my Pib-boy 3000 I will be able to pick up a signal originating from a wee hidey hole close by” can I? Can I? Okay maybe I am…

Lest we forget:


2 thoughts on “I fought the law.

  1. If that’s Beinn Mhor (2431ft) it’s not a munro. It’s a Graham (2000-2500ft) Smaller than a Corbett (2500-3000ft) which in turn is smaller than a munro (3000ft+)
    I win hilly munroey once again! Mwah hah hah!

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