Before Star Wars VII has even finished shooting episodes eight and nine have a director attached. Step forward Rian Johnson. The American has exceptional pedigree; three cracking installments of the superlative Breaking Bad, 2012’s gritty sci-fi yarn Looper and the excellent Brick adorn his CV.

Bql-WSICYAALe3X.jpg large

I’m not saying It’s Star Wars… But It’s Star Wars.

This means a few things. 1: That Disney want to finish their homework so that they can go outside and play. 2: The very plausible appearance of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and 3: That lessons have been learned regarding the tone of the disastrous prequels. George Lucas’s space opera might have captivated a generation but these youglings have now grown up and don’t want to see borderline racist aliens, annoying children or characters shoehorned  in to the story just because they where in the first three films.

As long as Harrison Ford remembers how to use doors the future looks rosy.



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