That scene in an expertly crafted film when your eyes well up and your throat constricts, you make an excuse to leave the room. Can’t have people seeing that you’re in a glass case of emotion.

So to avoid ridicule and mockery read the following, that way you will be prepared and no one will know that beneath that cool calm exterior beats the heart of a sentimental fool.

1: The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.

Peter Jackson’s magnum opus has many gut wrenching moments; I can’t carry it for you… but I can carry you!The desolation after Gandalf’s heroics or Sean Bean’s inevitable death. The piece de resistance however is at the end of the final film.

With the forces of good lined up at the Black Gate, determined to buy Frodo the time he needs, Sauron tries to plant a seed of doubt in Aragorn’s mind. He is not Isildur however and charges the enemy forces with a cry of “For Frodo”. Who is the fist to take up this call? The weakest of all present, the two hobbits because Merry and Pippin are not there to destroy the ring or save the world. No they are there because Frodo is their friend.

2: Toy Story 3

The end is nigh for the Buzz, Woody and co. After avoiding all manner of pitfalls a fiery death is imminent. Struggling vainly against the deluge of garbage when suddenly a calm sweeps through the group. Why spend you final seconds in anguish? They join hands and face the end as they lived, together.


Kudos must go to the animation team at Pixar for delivering such lifelike emotions.


Wyatt Earp has just saved the day, spectacularly turning a ambush on its head. The group of revenge fulled lawmen are resting and pondering their next move. Doc Holliday is slumped against a tree coughing up his lungs. TheĀ improbable named Turkey Creek Jack Johnson suggests he should be in a sick bed. Holliday replies that Wyatt Earp is his friend, considering the matter closed he goes back to his suffering.

Not to be perturbed Johnson continues “Hell I’ve got lots of friends”

“I don’t”

So simple, so effective.

4: The Rock

Michael Bay has been unfairly lambasted of late because of his association with the Transformers franchise but when the Los Angeles born director is on top of his game he is hard to beat.

The missiles have been deactivated, the day seemingly saved. However not in time as the Pentagon has ordered an air strike against Alcatraz. To signify the mission is complete Stanley Goodspeed must launch flares and thus avert the destruction of the tourist attraction.

The slow motion, the heavy breathing, the beautiful fiance, the falling to the knees reminiscent of Platoon. You half expect the American flag to be waving in the background. Very cheesy but sometimes cheesy is good. See also Armageddon.

Probably helps that it is the legendary Nic Cage.

5: The Star Wars prequels

A whole generation of kids turned into adults in 1999. Raped my childhood they did.

So there you go. Lets have some of yours. Leon, Gone With the Wind, Titanic? Go on surprise me.


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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