Somewhere on this wonderful website called WordPress I read some tips to improve your blog. It was 101 tips, the Daily Post or something along those lines, anyway that’s not important. What’s important is that they counseled against the idea of apologising for a prolonged absence.


I mean that’s just rude, I presume you are all following me because you are interested in what I have to say(that or you’re mental) so for me to ignore the fact that I’ve been somewhat negligent in my posting duties is just plain rude.

In fact it is tantamount to having a conversation in the real world then inexplicably walking away, only to return five minutes later and continue where you left off. Just plain rude.

Rude like when people don’t hold a door open for you! Nothing boils my blood faster than the lack of this basic piece of human decorum. Now I’m not expecting a red carpet and someone to keep the entrance ajar for longer than ten seconds but when I’m right behind someone I’m not expecting to get slapped in the face. Both physically and metaphorically.

So with all that in mind; hi everyone and sorry for my brief vacation but five serious posts in a row made my head explode, I’m all better now thanks but I’m taking this opportunity to say I’m errr taking a brief vacation.

Not just the weekend maybe till next Wednesday or something, I honestly don’t know. I’ve been working on the screenplay and that involves staring at my PC monitor day and night and I think my eyes might have started bleeding because of it. Granted it didn’t help that in my downtime I was scavenging about the ruins of DC and searching for Nuka Cola Quantum.

Also I’ve kinda run out of things to write about. I could easily do a review a day but that requires a lot of concentration and anyone that actually knows me will be surprised I even know what that words means. When I talk about a movie I just want to talk  about the movie:

Did you see that bit?

How cool was that??

Or the bit with the sledgehammer?

And then with the grrr argh.

Not really much of a review, plus it’s quite difficult to write about a film without actually writing about a film, well it is for me anyway!

So I will return and with a top five heart-wrenching moments from cinema history. Don’t go unsubscribing now(you give my life meaning) and if you can’t get enough of my insanity you can follow me on twitter @DolefulDoug, I participate in follow backsies.

Unless of course you are writing in a foreign language, I struggle enough with English thank you very much, or you don’t tweet about movies, games etc.

Of course you lovely chaps and chapesses from Facebook are exempt from this rule because I know you and it would be rude not to.

And as we’ve discussed I’m anything but rude.

You shower of shites.


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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