Nintendo stole the show tonight with some jaw dropping announcements; the use of Miis as playable characters in Super Smash Bros and the confirmation of Mario Party 10 might be interesting nuggets but the show was stolen by the revel of not one but two new Zelda games.

The most intriguing was Hyrule Warriors. Taking the Zelda protagonists and setting and then turning them into a button mashing, sword swinging, enemy annihilating adventure.

Reminisce of Mystic Heroes, Link’s new outing sees him and his cohorts battle waves of adversaries with some spectacular attacks and screen filling special moves. An exciting return to games of yesteryear but with fancy new graphics and hopefully slightly more complex gameplay.

The second piece of news is the release of another Legend of Zelda next year. That in itself is note worthy enough but they way that Eiji Aonuma is talking suggest at a wide open world to explore and complete in any manner the player chooses. Straight from the man himself:

Unfortunately the actual footage is decidedly brief but I can’t be the only thinking Zelda crossed with Skyrim!!

And as if that was not enough to whet your appetite how about a Starfox update! That’s right; do a barrel roll, this is really beginning to tick me off, time for a little payback etc

The twist? The Wii U acts as the view from the cockpit of Arwing and the TV will be the standard presentation. You can look around via the handheld console with no effect to the ships movement. The larger screen(unless you’re a hobo) gives you a bigger picture of the battle and lets you keep track of your fighter and adversaries. Sounds needlessly complex but only time will tell.

The Landmaster tank makes a return along with a helicopter. The rotered vehicle will be more about precise flying as apposed to the high octane dogfights of Fox’s favoured craft.

The following video shows very little except Shigeru Miyamoto messing about with his new toy.

Moving away from Nintendo feast your eyes on this:

Once again the lack of gameplay is jarring and very little has been reveled but hey it’s another Halo game and that’s good enough for me.

One golden nugget though was that Ridley Scott will be producing a live action series bridging the gap between Halo 4 and 5. Directed by Sergio Mimica-Gezzan, it will be looking to build on the success of Forward Unto Dawn.

The Croatian is a perfect choice as he can included episodes of Battlestar Galactica and Falling Skies on his CV.

Unless Fallout 4 gets announced I’ll be going back to movies tomorrow!


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