This is the part of the blog where I say I’m taking the weekend off but will return on Monday. Next week I won’t take up your valuable time with a whole post I’ll just stick it on the end, after a music video of course!

So whatcha up to this weekend? I’m playing video games, going to the cinema, watching dvds, and getting blind drunk.

Pretty much what I blog about, well apart from the drinking aspect. I have plenty of stories I could tell involving the devils liquor but most of them go something like this:

I suppose I should look for jobs as well but the World Cup is about to start and I kinda want to watch every single game. I normally take a holiday with just that purpose in mind but as I’m currently on an extended break I don’t need to but then there is no source of income.

Oh well gotta take the good with the bad I suppose.

Here’s what you can do for me…

Hey hang on I don’t recall saying I was going to help.

… You can share a page of this blog on WordPress or a social media sight, the buttons are at the bottom. It doesn’t have to be this one mind!! Just whatever post first drew you to my chaotic ramblings or the most interesting/funny one, whatever, your the one doing me a favour.

That way we can spread the brand that is me and maybe, just maybe it might end up on the screen of someone that can offer me a contract. Isn’t that a good idea?


And if the Buddy Christ says so it must be true!! I’m feeling positive, so thank in advance.

That is all for now, so enjoy your weekend and I’ll be back on Monday.


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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