Has anyone seen this show on Ginx? Has anyone actually heard of Ginx? Despite the fact that the delectable Lucy James is often a co-anchor the program is utter rubbish. A game, seemingly chosen at random, is played as the presenters try and fill sixty minutes of your precious time by err playing a game.

Very little of interest is said, often they two hosts resort to talking between themselves forgetting that someone might actually be watching, wanting to know something about the product at hand.

I’ve only ever watched five minutes here, ten minutes there. Maybe I’ve missed all the good bits, It’s possible…

The theory is sound, hell It’s excellent because the first hour of a game can make or break it. If it is boring, difficult, monotonous or just plain awful then it is going straight in the kill it with fire pile. So with that in mind I’ve shamelessly stolen the idea and will regal you with my first three thousand six hundred seconds in Batman: Arkham City.


I have heard only good things about the sequel to Arkham Asylum but then I had heard only amazing things about the first outing for Bats and while it was good it was hardly the masterpiece that everyone claims it to be.

But I had put off playing Rocksteady’s Bafta winning creation for long enough time to see what all the fuss is about.

The menus quite nice, I understand that is a bit of a random thing to say but first impressions and all that. It sets the tone, this is going to be a dark and moody outing for Brucey boy. More Tim Burton than Adam West. The pleasure of a finely crafted opening screen vanished as the game started in earnest. The plot seems a bit confusing to be honest, though that might be because I’m not up to date on my Dark Knight lore, I’ve never even heard of the main villain. Not a good start.

Then some walking about and not really doing anything, a quick fist fight that a child could manage and therein we have the first problem with the game. The goons that assail you are no challenge whatsoever, I manged to avoid loosing a single piece of health in my allotted time. They will obviously get tougher but then I will have leveled up by then and mastered the controls…

Actually I’m pretty certain I have already mastered the controls, a very basic bash the attack button and every so often press the counter one. The violence dished out looks impressive and the animation faultless but there is no skill behind it. Now I don’t mind beat em ups where all you do is mash the controller, in fact I’m quite partial to them but not when they are pretending to be something they are not.

Another off putting inclusion is the radio signals that are picked up, there might be an off switch but I’m yet to find it. I was forced to listen to some thugs ramble on, repeating the same dialogue over and over again as I tried to unlock a puzzle to gain access to a collectable. In the end I gave up and moved on, just to shut up the mindless drones.

It was not all bad though. The Penguin, Two face, Harley Quinn, The Joker and Catwoman have already been introduced and Selina had some purrfect puns she felt the need to share with me.

The stealth aspect of the combat is also an excellent touch but the one example of that I took part in was so tediously easy that I nearly fell asleep. Having played the original I fully expect this to change as I progress but first timers would not know this, they would also not be aware of how to change weapons, grapple or the finer intricacies of the game. No tuition is offered, It’s not enough to perplex but considering I was faced with the onerous task of climbing a building to retrieve the Bat Suit you would think that all the possibilities would be covered.

In conclusion: Not a bad first hour, not a great one. I’ll continue playing and hope the time spent between fights is severely shortened. That or I find the damn off button for the radio!


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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