Today I had a journey to undertake, so I decided to bring my camera with me and see if I could spot anything worthy of scrutiny. Unlike last time I had no preconceived plans of what to snap so it was in hope more than anticipation that I set out.

I had only been walking for twenty minutes or so when the most unexpected sight greeted my eyes.

big gun

Now I’ve lived in Dundee for quite some time and never knew of this mobile defence apparatus! Why did no one deign to tell me? It is a lot more interesting than a statue of Desperate Dan!

Now this really should be the last picture I show you because when I first passed it there where some unsavory types hanging about. This understandably derailed my plans to stop and take a photo, however it was the first object that caught my attention so It makes sense to go here.

After the close encounter with the young hoodlums I continued onwards, keeping a look out for new and intriguing opportunities of course!

It was a good thing that I was paying attention because otherwise I might have been in a considerable amount of danger.


I don’t suffer from narcolepsy so probably would have been all right. Better safe than sorry though, so after capturing the moment I scarpered.

Two close calls in one day, in one hour!! I was beginning to think this endeavour was one of my more foolhardy ones and was considering retreating.

I’m made of sterner stuff than that though, I gathered my scattered wits, took a few deep breaths and examined my map. In the headlong rush from the unseen threat I had lost my bearings but if that was north and that was the church all I had to do was…


Made it and hidden somewhere in this park was my goal. Somewhere, up a hill in all likelihood, was Mills Observatory. First though some exploring! This part of the trek required no specific route, just some ambling about and reconnaissance. Now was the time to shine, those hours of playing Fallout 3 will not have been in vain…


Which way?! Oh God which way?! I’m lost, save me Jebus!!

Now you might only see two possibilities, three if you count retracing your steps but I’m from Benmore and I spied a fourth option. Into the wilderness…


In hindsight white trainers was a bad decision but you live and learn. After pretending I was an woodland sprite for a bit it was time to continue me quest. Unfortunately my daydreaming had got me well and truly turned around. With no idea where I was and with any direction as good as another I set out.

Some more random twisting and turning lead me to:


Oh a corner, Imagine what’s behind it. Could be anything, could be a completely out of place blue bridge.


It wasn’t though it was:


Not really worth it to be honest. Not even open. I toyed with the idea of clambering onto the roof but dissuaded myself at the last second. Pretty despondent with the lackluster end to my expedition I called an end to the whole campaign and headed home. Avoiding Elm Street of course, I’m not crazy…




I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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