Just type what comes to mind
well okay but that is kind of dangerous, at any given moment my inner thoughts are darting about like fleas, looking for something of interest.

But whatever, it beats trying to actually come up with something. Just whatever comes to mind…


Just my luck, the one time I want to use my brain he decides it’s time for a short holiday, typical bloody typical. I forgot to mention that part of this challenge is to stop after twenty minutes and press publish, so I might just cut of midway through a sentence, I will however flout the rules a little and finish whatever word I have started, I’m nice like that.

Still struggling here…

Has anyone seen A million Ways To Die In The West? It looks pretty unfunny to be honest but what the hey I might as well go see it. After all it is a western and er that’s about it.

That twenty minutes seems a long way away…

Edge of Tomorrow was pretty damn good though, lots of explosions surrounded by some explanation about time travel that I didn’t understand but it was fine because during these confusing scenes the lovely Emily Blunt was on screen .

Mmmm Emily Blunt

*censored* *censored* *censored* *censored* *censored* *censored*

I know it was write whatever you thinking but there might be children reading this!!

I might as well take this opportunity to apologies to anyone that has followed my blog on the basis of some TV news, film review or game related nonsense. I aim to do as many of them as possible and will continually return to them but sometimes the well runs dry, it’s not like anyone is paying me to do this…

And I would much rather play a game or watch a film that write about it but I suppose you gotta do something to pay the bills and this line of work seems the least objectionable. Unless of course I manage to sell my screenplay and then I could live off the money and have plenty of time to write another couple.

I have one in mind envolving zombies but “The Definitive Guide To Screenwriting” by Syd Field says that it is perfetly normal to come up with other ideas and a desire to switch to them but you need to stick with your orgional idea and see it through. The book has definitive in the title so it must be right.

Do I have to tag this post, that is what I’m thinking now.

That was never a condition of our agreement

Also can I put a music video at the end?? That’s the next question? Well I don’t remember anything about not putting music videos at the end, so I’m going to do it. I’m rebellious like that.

I’m also going to go back and


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