Did we all play that video clip first? Or did we take momentary leave of our senses and think I had placed it there for sh*ts and giggles?

So now that I have made my most triumphant return, what to talk about?

Sooooo how about that local sports team?

I can tell you that season five of The walking Dead will start in October but more importantly I can inform everyone that Better Call Saul premiers in November.

This is somewhat of a salve because despite what Bryan Cranston says surely everyone knows there will not be anymore Breaking Bad. Where would it go?


The main character is dead so the continuation of the story is not a possibility, any prequel shenanigans would be decidedly dull. Mr White trying to teach Jesse science in a  winnebago while cooking meth is one thing. Mr White trying to do the same in a chemistry class is another kettle of fish entirely.

So to ease our cravings we have Better Call Saul, set before the crooked lawyer ever meets Walter and his protege this is one of those shows that could go either way. Goodman was funny as a side character set against the backdrop of Walt’s decent into madness as the lead, who knows?

Either way expect plenty of shady dealings and over the top infomercials such as:


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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