Fallout 3 is a lot like the real world; it’s full of racists, alcohol lowers your intelligence, the radio stations play the same shit on a loop and you can accumulate companions.

In both realities one is the maximum you are allowed at any given time. Unless of course you feel like bending the rules of social convention and telling people you will escort them home but then equip them with an assault rifle and lead them on a suicide mission against a group of vicious raiders…

Without further ado allow me to introduce Fawkes, say hi Fawkes:

I only kill to know I’m alive…

Hmmm well despite his somewhat ambiguous introduction he is a Super Mutant with a difference, chiefly he does not have the desire to tear me limb from limb and eat my brains. Refreshing that! He also has the ability to carry more finance clipboards and plungers than anyone else, time to put this beast of burden to task.

Here this is my unique Gatling Laser, I call her Vengeance. Be careful with her though, I went through an awful lot of trouble to get her.

That was TOO EASY!

Well yes, I guess. Anyway enough idle chit chat lets get exploring, that array of satellites in the distance looks inviting, shall we go over and have a peak.

There are times… I feel… The primal part of me…PULLING ME AWAY!

I’m going to stop talking to you now.


After a few more riveting conversations we approached our destination.

It’s amazing people trust you enough not to attack me…

Yeah it is but I suspect your fearsome visage might have something to do with it as well, anyway did you see how to get into the building because I’ve not seen a entrance worthy of the name, never mind found it.

Enter via one, climb to the top, cross the bridge to gain access to the other. Simple, what could go wrong?

Now you be careful Fawkes, the bridge looks quite precariously balanced and I suspect not particularly sturdy  and your um solid frame might be too much for..

I promise this will be swift, but PAINFUL!

Whatever, Ill go first you follow slowly behind and… Fawkes? Fawkes?

I don’t know how it happened, one minute he was there and the next, gone. Plummeted to his doom and all my scavenged delights along with him. I quickly made my way down to ground level to look for his corpse but no matter how hard I searched I could not find him. Hours I spent there, going over every possible fall site, I went back to the rickety overpass for a birds eye view, I traveled to and from that fateful place a dozen times in case he would make a miraculous reappearance. He never did.

After that I wandered alone for a bit, the loss of Vengence still haunting me whenever I thought about her. I went on a killing spree to clear my head, those slavers at Paradise Falls never saw me coming. I blew up Megaton just to take my mind off her, I rigged an election out of sheer boredom. Eventually my own company grew tedious and remembered that Charon would be waiting for me in Underworld. He was a good chap, handy in a tight spot and doesn’t say much.

To Underworld.

I was expecting Griffon and his Aqua Pura, I was not expecting Fawkes to appear from the thin air and crash, still twitching, at my feet.

He now does this EVERY time I enter Underworld.


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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