Does anyone else have a ridiculous amount of difficulty starting their posts? I know what I want to say from the middle onwards but the first few paragraphs are somewhat of a struggle.

Sometimes I even revert to devious methods, like telling you I’m struggling to fabricate an opening…

All I want to say is that I’m taking the weekend off but I will be back on Monday. How hard can it be to formulate a technique that allows me to do that?

I’m not actually doing anything exciting, just removing my eyeballs from my monitor and having a break. After all a change is as good as a rest. Or that is what I’ve heard so it must be true.

The only task I have set for myself during my convalescence is to finally finish City of Dragons by Robin Hobb, I’ve been struggling through for the last few months but just can’t get into it. A chapter here, a few pages there. It’s not a bad book, not at all and Hobb is one of my favourite authors but the narrative is just not compelling me as much as her early work.

Then it struck me! A regular eureka moment, one of several epiphanies I’ve had lately. I can’t relate to the main protagonist, there is no connection, missing from this journey is FitzChivalry! I’ve never considered why I love the Farseer trilogy so much but now it seems pretty obvious! Granted the incredibly well written story, rounded characters and excitement by the bucket load help but the fact that I can identify with Fitz as he struggles from one snafu to the next, well that makes the story unputdownable. It also leads me to this piece of news:

August 2014 The Fools Assassin. First in a new trilogy involving The Fool and Fitz. No Nighteyes though. Must hold back tears. Emotion rising. Throat swelling. Melancholy increasing.


Anyway For a wee sneaky peak:

Spoiler, It’s pretty rubbish.

All I wanted to do is say I will be back on Monday, enjoy your weekend and I’ll see you then.




I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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