Did everyone vote the other day? I didn’t and I’ll tell you why…

Because you’re a lazy good for nothing waste of space.

That but also because I don’t believe you should be allowed to vote unless you have a full grasp of the situation, so that rules me out.

You should understand all the policies, all the manifestos. Every side of the argument, not just the party you support and that is just not me! Practice what you preach and all that.

Do unto others as you want done unto yourself or something.

I also believe that IQ tests should be enforced at the ballot boxes, I mean we can’t have stupid people voting because then they might vote for UKIP or BNP. I can’t tell you much about politics but I can tell you that those guys are a bunch of racists and I wouldn’t vote for them…

If I voted.

Which I don’t but my point stands!

And while I’m having a rant at politics did anyone see the picture of David Cameron eating in Nando’s that was doing the rounds through the internet a while back?


Is anyone actually falling for this? Does anyone think for a second that this smug self important git dines at Nando’s? It is almost as if he went there with the sole intention of getting his photo taken somewhere cool and casual…

I can’t fathom why people would fall for this kind of nonsense, now I’m not saying I’m the smartest tool in the box but even me with my inferior brain power can spot a bit of self publicity(@DolefulDoug) when I see it. The Prime minister pops in for some dry chicken and watered down Coke…

Yeah, and monkeys might fly out of my butt.

One more then I’ll go and have a cold shower and get my straightjacket out of the cupboard:

Vote yes, vote no, whatever. I literally couldn’t care less but this advert, this advert!!!

It irritates the hell out of me and not just because it is played at the cinema EVERY time I go and I go to the cinema a lot!

No, it bugs the living daylights out of me because it could not be aimed any more at the impressionable first time voters if it tried. The young girl having fun with her friends, the overemphasized Scottish accent, the big smiles, the bloody guitar riff at the end, the the oh just make it stop and I promise to vote yes!!



I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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