Have we all seen Days of Future Past? Do I need to issue spoiler warnings? Best to do so and avoid any irate comments.

Spoilers, don’t read unless, abandon all hope ye who enter here etc

Bishop. That is my starting point for this rant and specifically why he is in the film? Now I’m not a massive comic book geek so if you wish to correct me I would welcome your input but was Bishop not an integral character in the D.O.F.P storyline? I seem to remember him jumping back and stopping Mystique from killing some senator or something instead we have five seconds of him shooting stuff and then he does his nitroglycerin impression.

So my question is, why have him in the film in the first place? The only reason he is there is to please the fanboys and girls but it does exactly the opposite because they want to see him actually do something, the people that have no idea who he is would have been quite happy with a made up mutant in his place, I mean if you are going to play fast and loose with the source material why not go the whole hog?

I also have problems with Storm. For such a major X-Man (lady) to be relegated to less than a supporting act is ludicrous! Why have her in at all? Why not have her among the fallen and have her replaced with any of the kids from First Class? How much money do you think she got paid to convince her to appear for all of two seconds?! More than I’ll make in a lifetime probably.

Money that could have been spent on the script, the constant harking back to previous X-Men films was galling. Just pandering to people that have not seen any of the previous incarnations and wasting valuable time that could have been spent destroying sentinels or exploring why Wolverine has grey in his hair when he apparently doesn’t age…

And AND Hanks “oh I have something to show you, look at this convenient contraption that I have created and failed to mention until now when it will drive the plot forward”

Wow that is decidedly beneficial, next you will be telling me that you have created a elixir that deadens mutant powers and has the unlikely side effect of curing paralysis.

You have?!?!? Time to get that bad boy on the market!!!

Don’t get me started on the end of credit appearance of Apocalypse!

I actually enjoyed D.O.F.P check my review if you don’t believe me.
Smoothly done I think you will agree.


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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