Not the 1971 outing but a new movie based around the chaps from Walmington-on-Sea. We’re doomed, they don’t like it up em, don’t tell him Pike, stupid boy etc.

The classic sitcom from the sixties and seventies is one of those shows that ages remarkably well. Not “of its time” like¬†contemporaries Love Thy Neighbour or Hi-de-Hi, the classic creation of Jimmy Perry and David Croft ages well. After all, everybody loves a pompous buffoon.

Details are sketchy at the moment with Bill Nighy and Toby Jones the only names attached to the cast and directing duties going to Oliver Parker, who’s CV can “boast” er Johnny English Reborn and the two St.Trinian’s movies.
A bit of a mixed bag then, Nighy is likely to be Sgt. Wilson and Jones Capt. Mainwaring so at least the casting is of a high quality.

File this under I for incredibly intriguing information with the subheading of fingers crossed.

It could work, it really could



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