Well, do ya, punk.

Not: do you feel lucky, punk?

Glad we got that sorted out, on with the show. If you love Star Wars(eek) as much as I do you will greet the following news with unbridled joy and some foaming at the mouth, hell you might even pass out.

You could be in the Episode seven. Yes you! You really could because the good people at Omaze (never heard of them either) are running a competition with the prize of filming a scene and meeting the cast. It will be a case of third Stormtrooper from the left but it’s better than nothing.

Basically you donate some money to a good cause and your name goes in a hat. If you are interested head over to                                                                         http://www.omaze.com/experiences/starwars-episode-vii

However as much as getting dressed up as a Wookiee and meeting Harrison Ford appeals to me I shall not be entering(your chances just went up by one) because to put it simply; I don’t feel lucky.

Told you there is normally a link with the pictures and the posts!!

I’ve not felt the winds of fortune smiling on me for quite some time and I sense that gambling when serendipity has abandoned you to your own devices would be foolhardy.

I’ve still got a scratch card from Christmas that I plan on exchanging for another shot at glory but I will leave that till Oponn favours me once again.


Bye bye Pikachu, bye bye.
Okay there is not ALWAYS a link. Boom music video:http://youtu.be/zdaIIFsXyJw


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