Channing Tatum has been confirmed as Gambit for any upcoming X-Men movies, that’s not just the Remy LeBeau spin off but the possibility of him apearing in X-Men Age of Apocalypse.

So some good news in the form of another X:men movie next year and some bad in the guise of Tatum playing the boy from the bayou.

I just don’t see it, Magic Mike’s (calm down ladies) alter ego is not a good fit, not at all. He is far too American, to much of a boy scout. Remy is a scoundrel, a rogue a, a, he’s a loveable scamp! He is meant to woo the ladies with his boyish charms not bulldoze over them with his oversized pecs.

I’m not saying Tatum is a bad actor, not at all. White House Down showed he can handle action and comedy at the same time, which should come in handy if the film goes down the route it should. It just leaves me with a dull ache in the pit of my stomach.

So unless Mr All American has the ability to pull of an outrageous french accent I’m not convinced he will be a good fit. I’m still going to see it though, even with the casting I’m looking forward to it, I could just be looking forward to it more!


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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