I am well aware that the title and the picture do not match up but before I regale you with my thoughts on series 2 chapter 3 I have to ask; what happened to Ben in your play through of season one?

I ask because on one of my customary pilgrimages through the Internet I discovered a bevy of videos dedicated to the “hero” Ben Paul. The Hero! THE FRIGGING HERO!!

I will tell you what the happened to the little prick in mine. I let him plummet to his doom without a moment hesitations, that there was an option to attempt to save him didn’t even register on my radar. I didn’t want to grab his hand in the first place!

Because in my jaunt through Savannah, the asshat and Clementine where cornered by a bunch of walkers and he ran, he ran away like the cravenly little cur he was, leaving Clem to fend for herself:

Dead man walking, we got a dead man walking here.

I was just waiting for the opportunity to end this pitiful little wretch. Given the choice I would have put a bullet right between his eyes there and then. I don’t know about you but where I come from the definition of a hero is not: Someone who leaves little girls to a fate worse than death just to save their own worthless hide.

Thus die all traitors.

You let Ben go, I wouldn’t have caught him in the first place.

The Walking Dead: In Harms Way


As soon as the menu loaded up I was right back in this brutal world. The tense thump,thump,thump of the music echoed the foreboding in my heart , the creak of the trees and the rustling of the leaves had my nerves shot and I hadn’t even started the game yet!!

I wiped away a tear as Lee’s voice resonated through my mind but the melancholy faded as I stared in awe at a delicate butterfly, that to soon vanished as I was quickly reminded of the predicament I was in. At least Kenny was with me, he might be a volatile son of a b*tch but we had been through a lot together, the bonds of trust and friendship had been forged in the very fires of hell. He would never back down or betray me and he wold never give in to the temptation of that long blissful sleep. He was my rock and I was his.

Our captors herded us about like a bunch of cattle as we were introduced to Reggie, I think he is meant to be funny but I’m not convinced. Some boring tasks awaited us the next day but things livened up with the introduction of some walkers. My old foes didn’t scare me one bit, not even when the room was plunged into darkness and I fell to the floor grappling with one. The lurkers breath was hot in my ear as I struggled to avoid the bite that would spell the end, I had it under control despite what Troy thinks

I knew Luke would come for us, never doubted it for a second. I do wish Kenny would cut him some slack though, the plan to retrieve walkie talkies is a solid one and with the extra spice of the PA system we should be out of here in no time. Good job our would be captors are thick as two short planks, I easily outmaneuvered them and purloined the handheld transmitters without a hitch.

I underestimated Carver.

I was ready to step up and take the blame, he doesn’t scare me, when Kenny barged in and announced it was him. I wish he hadn’t, Carver pulverized his face, I’m worried he wont be capable of leaving when we escape. I’m not going without him though, I don’t care what anyone says, If Kenny stays I stay!

Like goddamn Lazarus Kenny rose from his sickbed, I could see that he was unsteady on his feet and his remaining eye is not as focused as it was but I would rather a half dead Kenny than anyone in the group, even Luke. Time to put this plan into action, we have dallied here long enough.

It all went without a hiccup, I even pilfered a gun from the office as I turned of the music,  home free.

Damn Carver, how does he keep doing it.

I didn’t hesitate, unfortunately I only winged him but Kenny took care of the rest. I would have left him for the oncoming walkers but I understand Kenny’s desire for revenge.

Once we had all smeared ourselves in the entrails and guts of the zombies we proceeded with the unenviable task of trying to pass for one of the undead, right through the eye of the storm, it was all going so well until Sarah started to cry like a baby, she needs to understand that in this world if you are not tough you are dead. I tried to calm her but the spoiled brat would not shut up.

Then the shit really hit the fan. Her outburst blew our cover and the dead converged on us like moths to a flame. I took a few out and tried to move everyone forward but Sarita was in peril with a walker feasting on her arm, without pause I chopped her appendage off at the shoulder. She will thank me if she survives, if any of us do…


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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