When I started this little adventure in blogging all those weeks ago I read somewhere on the Internet that you should aim towards two posts a day, the theory being that if you drop below that number your audience will loose interest and shuffle away and the Internet would not lie to me? Would it?

So I have less than forty five minutes to come up with a post.

And go!

Nothing, I got nothing!! I guess I could write some more deep and meaningful stuff but no one wants to read about me moping about.

Well actually…


I could just try to squeeze in some amusing pictures and GIFs but I kinda used up all my brain power to get that bad boy in.

I don’t have time for the much talked about but forever delayed top five Nintendo 64 games, that is tomorrows task. I definitely don’t have time for a film review, I could scrawl out a post about tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones but no one liked the last one so I’m going in a huff.


I’m sure you will agree that was a tenuous link at best but I’ll take what I can get.

Half an hour to go…

I could show you the new trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy:

I could and I did!

I’m struggling here!! While my mind desperately tries to come up with something other than I wonder if there really will be flying cars in the future? How about another clip that always makes me smile?

If you have ever worked in retail you know, YOU KNOW!!

Hmmm I think I might get away with this.

Fifteen minutes to go.

I could tell you that the nest chapter of The Walking Dead has just been released and I plan on playing it tomorrow, those Super Mutants can wait a day or two before I annihilate them.

And I suppose to round things off I could post a music video:

And with seconds to spare.


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