I’m looking for information on this and I’m struggling. I can tell you that Tom Hardy has replaced Mel(don’t mention the Jews) Gibson as Max and that Charlize Theron stars alongside him. I can also mention that it is directed by the same bloke that helmed the first three and is penciled in for a 2015 release, that’s about it.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about I strongly suggest you watch Mad Max 2. The first one is average and the third one has Tina Turner in it but the second one, well the second one is excellent, a real humdinger of a film.

The plot details are wafer thin but playing Fallout 3 has whetted my appetite for some more post apocalyptic shenanigans:

I found finally found my ‘ol buddy! Hanging about the Scrapyard without a care in the world, we had a good chat as I explained the situation and how I was searching for my dad and he commiserated with me. He asked about the political upheaval, I told him that I had no interest in that nonsense but we should continue to fight the good fight. He then suggested we head over to Old Olney and scavenge for some Nuka-Cola Quantum, I quickly brushed of that ridiculous suggestion and counseled him to go and wait for me at the Vault. After all now that I’ve located my kindred spirit for this journey through the Capital Wasteland I don’t want anything to happen to him!!

I’m not sure why they felt the need to replace Gibson though, Hardy is a decent choice but for me Max Rockatansky will always be Mel. While I’m sorta on the subject; am I the only one that thought that The Dark Knight Rises was pretty meh.

No way man it was awesome, I can’t believe what I am reading

I could go into details but does anyone want me to? I know!! Lets have another poll!!!

Anyone can vote, note just fellow WordPress users. So I expect everyone who reads this post to vote, EVERYONE, no exceptions.

A game is also in the works, due out at the same time as the film,convenient that, however it will not be a movie tie in. Instead we will get a brand new story set in the Mad Max universe. So expect plenty of violence, aimlessly wandering about a desolate waste, high speed car chases and hopefully the Gyro Captain!!

Looks good, count me in!!






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