Finally the wait for silverware is over, I never doubted it. Not for one second, not when Hull went one up, not when they had the audacity to score a second. Not even when Sanogo replaced Podolski, I was as calm as the proverbial cucumber.  Though the trophy cabinet has something in it other than dust for the first time in nine years Arsenal’s squad will still need substantial investment, if a serious title challenge is to be made. This piece will be based around the belief that Arsene Wenger will adhere to his football philosophy of possession football and his love of the 4-2-3-1 formation.

The most obvious position that is in need of strengthening is striker. Even a blind man cans see that Arsenal lack the cutting edge up front, they are crying out for a prolific striker. With the worst goal difference in the top four by some margin and Chelsea already having agreed a deal for Diego Costa, they are in danger of slipping further behind their main rivals for the title. That is not to say Olivier Giroud is a bad player, his ability to hold up play, bring the three players behind him into the game and overall work rate make him ideally suited to Wenger’s style of play unfortunately he lacks that little bit of magic that all the top clubs are looking for. The Frenchman is an excellent option to bring off the bench but his return of only sixteen goals is hardly championship winning form.

They also lack a midfield anchor. Both Arteta and Flamini are capable players but lack pace and power. Neither of them is scared to put their foot in but they are easily brushed off the ball by bigger stronger players. The Gunners need a fast, athletic player that combines the Spaniard’s technical ability with the Frenchman’s tenacity and leadership qualities. The need big Patrick Vieira to come out of retirement!

Maybe not as evident as the last two but one of the FA Cup winners weakest positions is left back, the way that Arsenal play means the majority of their width comes from full back. However time and time again Kieran Gibbs will get himself into a good position only to fail with his final ball. Gibbs lacks the composure and indeed the ability to make the most of his brawn and energy. When you compare the Englishman’s measly one assist to Kolarov’s eight or Baines’s five you realise how much of a goal threat he should be. Monreal may have the ability to pick a pass but he is far too lightweight for the Premier League.

So there you go, three positions that Arsenal need to strengthen. You may have noticed I have not actually named any possible players to fill the gaps but my knowledge of the beautiful game outside of England is limited. That is where you come in, do you know of any players that would fit the bill? Realistic ones mind, as much as I would like to see Robin van Persie back at The Emirates I think it is as likely as Mertesacker winning the one hundred meters at the Olympics.



I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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