I know I mentioned something about Nintendo 64 games, I will get to them and I am also aware that I suggested I would do a post highlighting the positions Arsene Wenger needs to strengthen, I am working up to that one as well. Both require a smidgen of thought and research whereas the one I am about to do means I can switch my mind off, listen to The Pixies and just type.

The Pixies as in the band, not the little sprites you find at the bottom of your garden.

Have I got your attention? Scooch closer.

Running, see there is a point to the title and amusing picture. There is normally a link, I don’t just fire up amusing pictures for no reason:


That is a GIF not a picture so my statement stands.

Running, why do you run? Why do I run? Are you interested? If not time to abandoned ship, no more amusing pictures.

I run for a multitude of reasons but I hardly ever talk about it, I view it as pretty boring.

Did you go for a run today Douglas?



Er then I came back.

Well what was it like?

Um a lot like walking but faster…

Not a particularly stimulating conversation I think you will agree, the whys and wherefores might be slightly more interesting but I’m not promising anything.

Firstly and definitely the dullest is fitness. Healthy body, healthy mind and all that. Running keeps me sane, it is at this point any of my friends reading this will be thinking:

Running keeps you sane? I’ve never noticed any particularly high levels of sanity in you Doug, in fact I think you are as crazy as a bag of monkeys.

Okay, good point. Running keeps me for going completely bonkers then. It also stops me from getting *shudder* fat. Two fairly obvious reasons, ones which I assume pretty much everyone who engages in this pastime shares.

The third though I suspect I am alone in.

A small percent of me, a teeny tiny percent, less than one, not even 0.5, a small miniscule percent of me runs because I want to keep myself ready for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

Don’t laugh, it is going to happen!! The clue is in the name. Granted it wont unfold the way the media have portrayed it but there is always some maniac with his finger on a button, some despot who wants absolute power and that’s not even taking in to account all the mad scientists who create pathogens in their sterile laboratories.

So when the day dawns that humanity succumbs to its base desire of total annihilation I am going to go all Darwinian on you and my morals are flying right out the window.

I will emerge from the wreckage and look around, king of all I survey…

Here was meant to be a clip of The Scary Door Last Man on Earth but You Tube only had some crap that someone had meshed together. If you have seen it I’m sure you will agree it would have fitted in nicely. If you haven’t seen it there is nothing that I can do about it but rest assured it would have blown your mind.


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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