Well that was a pretty pitiful rescue attempt, might as well not have bothered. Fight your way in to be scared off by a couple of dogs, pfftt amateurs.

Other than that a pretty decent episode, though I hope they have not blown the budget on Drogon, I want to see some more battles. It’s all well and good when The Hound kicks some ass but I would like to see it on a slightly larger scale.

Cersei seems a bit nonchalant about the three dragons, granted they might be babies but then you don’t have ANY of your own so you kinda loose by default, think that is some standard female bitchiness coming in to play there…

At least she isn’t expected to have some children and name them Lannister.

I know your in charge and all Tywin but Lannister Lannister is a rather silly name, oh you mean… Sorry, sorry my bad.

Bit disappointed about the lack of Jon Snow this episode but I will let him off as he is practicing for battle of the bands:


Told ya.

Excellent performance by Dinklage, give that man a TV Oscar (I think you mean Emmy, ed) but it looses some of its excitement when you know what’s coming. Just hurry up and get to the bit with the crossbow…

And it doesn’t have anything to do with anything but I saw this today and I was intrigued, no Kylie though đŸ˜¦


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